Monday, July 11, 2011

Daryl is Coming!

In just a few short weeks I am hosting a little luncheon with Daryl Hoole as the guest of honor!

Who would have thought when I started my DLS projects that one day THE Daryle Hoole would be coming to my house?! I'm very excited and very behind on a few projects around my house, so despite my dedication to having too much fun with the kids during the summer, I'm taking a few minutes each day to get things in order for THE BIG EVENT :)



I loaded up all the DI stuff, and there was A LOT of stuff!

Dropped it all of here...

I got rid of the boxes, the trash and did a little vacuuming.


Getting rid of "stuff" is one of my favorite household activities!

D says if you have difficulty discarding things, ask a friend or family member to be a "clutter buddy" or a "clutter coach" to work with you. He or she could strengthen your resolve to get rid of stuff by saying, "Oh, you don't need that" or "I think this should be tossed". Then reverse the roles and you go be a "clutter buddy" for your helper.

The clutter buddy system totally works! My sister Tricia used to be my clutter buddy years ago until I came to LOVE getting rid of clutter all by myself.

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  1. I love the getting rid of stuff! I wonder "How did I get so much stuff?!" And I love having a good reason to get rid of stuff. I hope your lunch goes well. She will be impressed and amazed!