Monday, September 19, 2011

3 for 3, Fried Chicken & Mac n Cheese

We've had 3 successful BFF weeks!

Aside from the fact I cooked the Mac n Cheese too was pretty good (as long as you didn't eat the real crunchy noodles around the sides of the pan).

I also attempted my first ever fried chicken dinner...
It was a lot of work...which I knew it would be, which is why I have never attempted fried chicken before. Besides, why bother when there is a Kentucky Fried Chicken within walking distance from my house :)

I'm not a fan of cooking with oil...I hate hate hate grease everywhere. But I powered through.

It didn't turn out too bad, but it wasn't too good either so I'll probably never do it again.

This child loves to build "castles" with her mashed potatoes. She eventually eats them so I go ahead and let her build away.

Since I was already in the frying mode I went ahead and fried some zucchini later in the week. The family claims they hate zucchini but they didn't mind these too much, as long as they kept dipping them in ranch dressing.

D tells us, remember the eye is the first to feast, so serve food attractively. Make certain your meals are well balanced. Nature is an artist. I've found that a dinner that follows pleasing texture and color combinations almost automatically includes nutrients from the basic four food group.

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