Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BFF Project Final Post

We've been eating at least 4 nights a week around our dining room table now for over a month! I feel like we've created a new habit that will last. We've tried several new meals and I'm having fun searching for more to keep the "variety" going at meal time.

I wanted to share one of my family's favorite recipes...its EASY and the kids love it!


Now I do make my scones and it does require me to pull out my frying pan and fill it with oil. But for this meal it's worth it.
For your scone dough you can use any bread dough recipe. I use one that uses both white and wheat flour. I also use thawed Rhodes Rolls sometimes.

The Sauce (so easy!)
1 can refried beans
1can chili (I like turkey chili)
1 can pinto beans
You can warm them in a medium sauce pan or for a few hours in the crock pot.

Cover the scones with the sauce and then any toppings you like!
The toppings we use are:
ranch dressing

After the kids finish their taco they get another scone with either butter and jam or honey...which is why I think they like this meal so much.

D tells us to keep in mind that the delicious dinners can be more a matter of know-how than of time and money.

I am so glad I did this project! I think the kids have liked it too. My oldest told me there is way more clean-up eating at the table as apposed to the counter--but what does he know since he is often at football practice during dinner :) My 10 year old thinks eating at the table is the best--I have come home from running errands and she has the table all set without being asked. We definitely spend a few more minutes at the table than we did around the counter so that alone is worth the extra effort.

Tune in next week when I get busy with my "Lesson's Learned from Grandma" project. I started this project almost 2 years ago and I just can't seem to finish it so I figure if I put it on the blog I'll have to finish it!

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