Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Another Successful BFF Project Week

One of my kids favorite meals are personal pizzas they create themselves. I don't know why but I forget about this meal option. We don't have them often enough. I use Rhodes rolls (the larger size) and pull a bag of homemade pizza sauce out of the freezer (I like to stock pile the stuff) but you can also just open a can of spaghetti sauce.

The best part of this dinner was having it around the family cabin table. We've had the best times around this table over the years!
The Sweet and Sour Chicken recipe turned out okay--everyone ate it but I think I can find a better recipe so I won't post this one.

The homemade Mac n' Cheese didn't happen. The kids were disappointed. It's on the menu for next week. We did make it around the dining room/cabin table 4 times this week--yay! My little girls love that we're eating at the table instead of the counter. They say it feels like a special occasion--and it is!

In addition to the Mac n' Cheese meal I am also going to try my hand at making fried chicken--I have never ever made fried chicken. I hate the mess that comes from frying food but I'm going to suck it up and give it a shot.

I always plan my meals a week in advance. D says if planning meals a week in advance sounds difficult to you, begin by planning two or three meals in advance and increase the number until you can plan a week ahead.

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