Monday, December 12, 2011

Grandma Moon Cont...


2Nephi 2:11

For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things.

When Grandma was in her early 40’s she suffered a sever stroke that left her right side paralyzed. In an instant her life changed completely. She eventually learned to walk with a brace. She was right handed so she had to learn to do everything with her left hand. She could no longer play the piano (something she loved) or work outside after that. My Aunt Judy, Grandma’s youngest, was 12 at the time and took over many of the household responsibilities, which was a challenge for someone so young. My Aunt Jill, who was attending Ricks College at the time, left school to come home and help with the farm, housework and care of Grandma. Over time Grandma learned to cook, clean, do their bookkeeping, and whatever else she could around the house. Her pace was slower and she had to ask for help with many of the things that used to be so easy for her, but she adapted and was happy. I never once heard her complain about her situation or the things she could no longer do.

Simple Things

Alma 37:6

…but behold I say unto you, by small and simple things are great things brought to pass…

Grandma Moon was a simple woman. The thing that made her happiest was her family. In addition to that there were a few other things she enjoyed…

-Cold Root Beer (or rut beer, as she called it)

-Chocolates, especially the ones with nuts!

-Roses—both the way they looked and the way they smelled

-Warm potato salad

-Fries from the Malad Drive-Inn. She’d bite off both ends then eat the middle

-The color pink

-Christmas, although she only liked to listen to Christmas music during the holidays, unlike my Grandpa who likes to listen to it all year round!

-Bears, she collected them, she wasn’t picky, she loved them all, even the Jazz bear!

-Chocolate malts from the Malad Drive-Inn

-Clean sheets

-Donuts with chocolate or maple frosting

-Opening presents, it has been said that she enjoyed opening the present more than seeing what was inside

-Warm Summer days

-Talking on the phone with her best friend Alta and phone calls from her children

-Her utility room (When I was little I called it her utiddly room) It had her washer and dryer, and sewing machine and she could watch out the window for Grandpa to come in from working on the farm

-Her typewriter. When her stroke took the use of her right hand she became dependent on that typewriter for all her bills, paperwork and she even wrote out her checks on it.

-Her shredder. She had a bit of a fear of identity theft so before the shredder she would tear things up in tiny little pieces. Grandpa hated that shredder. It never failed—when Grandpa would just be getting to sleep Grandma would fire up that shredder, she loved it!

-The D.I. When Grandpa was out working and one of her girls would be with her she’d tell them, “Hurry up, let’s go downstairs. I’ve got some stuff to send to the D.I. If your Dad wonders where it went, you don’t know!”

-Her purse

-She loved to have her hair curled and she loved to look beautiful for Grandpa

-Fresh strawberries, especially strawberry shortcake

Grandma was grateful for and appreciated the little things in life.

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