Monday, January 18, 2010

The Refrigerator...Phase 1

Happy Martin Luther King Day!
Yes, it is a holiday, but if you will refer to rule #4 you will see I am not breaking any rules. Plus, who are we kidding, do we mom's ever get a true "holiday" anyway?

The refrigerator is a space I actually clean pretty regularly. Not a thorough cleaning, but a pretty good "half-asked" job.

The motivation for today's cleaning was spilled pineapple juice that magically appeared over the weekend.



My 8 and 5 year old girls agreed to help me clear all the food out of the fridge if I would make them Zeke's smoothies and...

(I rarely let them eat this stuff so it's always a real treat when they get it)

The Procedure
We cleared everything out of the fridge.

Pineapple Juice...I hate anything sticky, just like my Grandpa Moon :)

I'm happy to say, this was the worst of it.

I threw out all the expired and old food.

Removed and washed every shelf and drawer.

Used my handy dandy Quick Job to wipe down the entire inside and then I put all the food back in the fridge.

You know you have a lot of kids when...


I consulted D on her ideas about having kids help out in the kitchen. She says No matter how efficient or organized you might be, you'll have an almost impossible job keeping your home in order and the housework caught up unless you have the cooperation and help of your children.
I searched and searched and surprisingly, she said nothing about the power of a good bribe. I highly recommend bribing your children, works every time!


  1. looks sa nice! Where do the rest of us get the "Quick Job" cleaner if we weren't at your dad's house the day the salesman came by?

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  3. Thanks for the website Mrs. Van Horn! I didn't know they had a website, the stuff is so concentrated that I've never had to buy more. You mix a little quick job with a lot of water. I will include the website info in tomorrow's post!

  4. I want to know what advise Kevin had to give! Also I'm hard core pushing your site to all my fellow homemakers in Sumner!

  5. I was signed into Kev's Gmail account on was the same comment I left :) Such a supportive sister you are!

  6. The fridge looks gorgeous! I wipe mine down every time I do a big grocery shop but I don't do it that well! You inspired me to pull out the shelves and really go to town!

  7. And what is wrong with top ramen? Maybe it should not be a staple around our house so much!