Monday, January 25, 2010

Above the Cupboards

After this project my motto was, "IF I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY I WON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL."
I cannot tell a lie, I hated this project. Every minute of it.

Not so bad from a distance...look closer...

These babies were once a nice shade of barn red...until the dust got to them. Yes, I know they are cheesy but I made them when I was first married, it's rare that I get crafty so I'm kind of attached to them.

As I'm taking this picture the 5 year old says, "Make sure they can see that cobweb mom". Such a good helper she is! I can see I need to work on my photography skills, everything looks like it's tipping forward.

I love this little guy...poor thing was just caked with dust.

Take a guess at what that that brick is sitting on top of...

I know what you're thinking...but in my defense, in order to see some of the items on my cupboards they need a little lift.

Apparently 4 years ago when I put up all this stuff I was feeling real creative in what I used for the "lifts". There used to be a tiny little bird house that sat on top. Take a guess at what this gadget is...

It's not every day you see one of these laying around, I'm not sure how I ended up with it.

My 5 year old loves to give me ideas for my "splash of yellow". Today, as I was making eggs for breakfast she said "An egg would be a perfect splash of yellow". I think she's right!


The plastic vinery (I think I made that word up) was so dust infested that I just threw it into the didn't go well. All the grapes leaked purple and fell apart into tiny little white balls. Thankfully the vinery with sunflowers did fine and cleaned up quite nicely.

All my dried flowers and potpourri were beyond saving.
Especially after this...

crawled out from under some of the flowers.
At this point I lost all patience.
I vacuumed, washed, chucked, DI'd, and wiped as fast as I could.
I was wishing I hadn't gotten ready for the day as I worked up quite a sweat.


Look a little closer...

I certainly wasn't going to eat that after all these years so I thought I might as well put it back to good use.


  1. I don't blame you for not wanting to do this project! I cringe everytime I think of dusting in my kitchen! Thankfully since we remodeled the kitchen last april, I still am justified in waiting a few more months. But I did clear out a drawer, a cupboard, and vaccumed the car today. The feeling of accomplishment lasted until I saw my husband rearranging the garage and now I have about 8 totes to sort thru. That was not on this weeks agenda!

  2. Oh! The top of the cupboards! ACK!!!!
    I think I remember you mentioning that you don't cook much. Right?
    I cook a LOT. REALLY COOK! It's one of my passions.
    So all my dust (more than yours!) is mixed with a greasy substance that is nearly impossible to clean off.
    You did very well!

  3. Looks fantastic! So cute and creative. The peace we get from looking at it all nice and finished, is worth every minute of doing the work :) Good luck with your future project.

  4. Well, I'm just sa proud!!! I actually think you do really well at the photography. I actually could see the cobweb. haha It looks real, real nice.

  5. I mean the top of your shelves look real nice, not the cobweb.

  6. Uh, yea... that spider would have done me in!!! Kudos that you kept going and finished :-)

  7. Thanks for all the support! I haven't recovered from this project so I have yet to experience any satisfaction or peace from completing it...maybe in time it will come :) I do actually cook quite a bit (although I prefer to crockpot when given a choice) but I'm by no means a chef since I don't have a gas cook-top :)

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  9. I don't want to ever look at this post again! I hate spiders (you've seen my freak outs, remember painting the workout room?)!!! I would've been done after I saw that - good job Becky!

  10. I use to have stuff above my cupboards but while I was pregnant with Sam it would just make me feel sick when I would look up there and see all the dust and work it needed. So guess what I did? I threw it all away! So now when I look up there I see nothing...nothing that needs to be dusted! It is a great feeling!