Friday, January 22, 2010

The Dreaded and Much Avoided CUPBOARD


I am truly embarrassed.

It hasn't always been this bad.


I found these earplugs while cleaning out the cupboard!


I started by taking everything off the shelves. You wouldn't believe all the junk I was storing. Thankfully a lot of the stuff went in the trash because clearly there wasn't room for it all.

This is everything I was storing in the junk bucket.
I took all of this...

...and condensed it down to this!

Along with the earplugs...I was SO excited to find these little treasures! My son will be thrilled to remove the duct tape from the back of his cell phone and I love my personalized little recipe cards...I had no idea where they'd disappeared to!

I was able to relocate a few of the items to the pantry (couldn't have done that 2 weeks ago). My vitamins needed a better home so now they're happy. D says...Replace shelf paper if necessary. There wasn't any shelf paper to begin with and now that I can see the shelf I'm thinking a little decorative paper might be nice.
As we conclude week 3 I have to say, I'm a little wiser than when I first started. I have procrastinated with several of these projects for months (some years) but actually doing them is not near as bad as thinking about having to do them. So, my BBA (Becky's Bit of Advice) for you would be...Don't prolong the pain! Just Do It!
Tune in next week for a little faux painting in the kitchen...a project 4 years coming!

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