Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Bottom Half of the Laundry Room

More big deal right? Certainly by now we've all seen our fair share of dust.
Wait for it...Wait for it...

(You gasped right out loud didn't you...I know I did)



This one was easy, I just He-Manned (You remember He Man, Master of the Universe) the washer and dryer out of the way. I was pleasantly surprised to find only 3 socks behind the washer and I even still have the mate to one of them! I Vacuumed first with the shop vac, then followed up with the Shark vac (love that little Shark vac) and then mopped the floor on my hands and little girls think it's funny when I mop the floor on my hands and knees, they call me Momerella. I wiped down the backs of the appliances and also the cords and the walls. All in all, it was a pretty fast little project!


After putting the washer and dryer back in place I wiped down the other side of the floor...again on my hands and knees, and happened to come face to face with this vent. My first thought was, "Crawl away!" but my new and improved attitude took over and I removed the grate, grabbed my shop vac and cleaned that little sucker right out!



I have to say, I'm pretty excited about having such a clean laundry space!
D says "Years ago when our grandmothers prepared to do the family wash, they first had to spend hours making their own soap. Then they would have to haul water by buckets from the well, chop wood for a fire, and then labor hard and long to clean the clothes with the aid of the harsh soap and a scrubbing board. Our grandmother's washday was a long exhausting one. Just think, all that many of us have to do is turn a knob and push a button!" I don't know about all of you, but with 6 kids my laundry day is a long and exhausting one too (and that's with 2 of my kids doing their own laundry)! But, I have learned that "Work is a creative experience" so I am not complaining.

I think that about wraps up the laundry area...tomorrow it's a toss up between another magnet board that needs cleaning or the dreaded pantry. Also, D will be giving us some insight on The 2nd A--APPEARANCE where she'll teach us "BEAUTY IS A DUTY".


  1. I have a surprise for you! It will make your heart swell! This isn't it, but I'm already on chapter 7 of "The Ultimate Career" Love getting rid of all those not so cute dust bunnies! It's such a great feeling!

  2. Man, I need to dust too. But I'm too busy. Okay, I'm just justifying my laziness.