Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The "Coat Hallway"


Funny story...A couple of weeks ago my husband tells me, "We should really do something about those coats down the hallway, there's way too much stuff on those hooks". So, I wait, hoping by WE he meant HE...but apparently he meant ME so here we go.

The Tools
(Had to bring out the MAN tools for this project)

The Procedure

I started by clearing the hooks and everything below them (finally put away that emergency porta-potty the parents gave us for Christmas).

That went so quickly that I figured I might as well clean the magnet board too.

I needed 2 couches to hold everything...

Interesting...the husband needed his very own couch for all his coats and jackets :)

Some stuff I had forgotten was even there...Kim, I've been meaning to give you back these clothes for months!

A couple of craft projects waiting to be finished (see what you all have to look forward too?!)
I put the things that didn't belong on the hooks away and then found new homes for all the coats that don't get much use.

I threw away a few things on the magnet board but I couldn't part with this picture. My 8 year old drew this a couple of years ago, back when she and her little sister loved each other...those were the days. On the upside, the girls both put "being nicer to my sister" as one of their goals for 2010.


The husband helped me out and hung these hooks--thanks Kev! In the past my little ones would just drop their coats on the floor because they couldn't reach...problem solved!

D 's advice for today is "Attitude begins with Gratitude"...learn and practice good homemaking skills (skills bring thrills!)...keep busy so you'll have only enough time to think positively. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!
I'll have to remember that, "skills bring thrills"...If that's true, I should probably learn a few new skills.

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  1. Simply Beautiful! You are so fast, I wasn't expecting to see the post up yet! I recieved
    "The Ultimate Career" in the mail today. Let the reading begin..."Thus, the Old Testament book of Proverbs praises the virtous woman who "looketh well to the ways of her household" (Proverbs 31: 10-31) I'm already loving it!!!!