Friday, January 8, 2010

The Pantry Project

At 2 am this morning as I rocked my baby girl (who's poor little mouth is exploding with teeth) I was thinking through my "pantry project" and remembered the little shredding project I've been storing in the pantry and avoiding for months.

Doesn't look like much, right? Looks can be deceiving.

This box contains tons of company invoices that need to be sorted and either thrown out or shredded.


My 5 year old really wanted me to use her yellow squeeze paint for today's splash of yellow. My girls love to shred so they wanted to help...but then the 5 year old bailed to go play with a friend and after 30 minutes of shredding my little bilingual 8 year old bailed as well.

So it was just me...shredding...and sorting...and shredding...and sorting...and shredding...

After an hour of shredding I needed nourishment to keep going...I was out of Peanut M&M's so I rifled through my mess of a pantry for the next best thing. The baby started screaming at me so I shared some with her...which bought me about 10 minutes of quiet :)


Boy am I glad to have that project finished, I was right to avoid it, it was as horrible as I thought it would be.
I promised you all a little beauty advice from D so here you go...D says our appearance plays a vital role in a happy home...don't neglect your appearance and slop around the house with uncombed hair and in runover slippers which look like two dead rabbits. Each morning get up and get completely dressed...the very first thing! Until you're dressed you're not prepared for anything. The sooner you're dressed the more successful is your day. And remember, as far as make-up is concerned, "Even a barn looks better when it's painted!"

She's right, a barn does look better when it's painted. My grandpa has one and it looks a lot better painted. It's been my experience that my day does go better when I get dressed first thing but I really love slippers and 95% of the time I'm awake and at home I'm wearing them and I can't give them up. Now that she mentions it, I guess they do look like two dead rabbits. And come to think of it, they don't smell all that great either.

Well, I've made it a whole week and I'm pretty sure it's been the most productive week of my life! (I'm not kidding) The husband agrees, he doesn't know it yet, but tonight at the end of our date night he's getting me an extra large Heath shake to celebrate!


  1. Yea for you Becky! Enjoy your shake - you deserve it! I really like today's quote from "D"! Totally true!

  2. Question. What takes longer, the actual project or the time it takes to blog the recap?

  3. Rob, it depends on the day and how many interruptions I get...on one of the days it took me longer to take the pictures than it did to do the project and blog it--I definately need to aquire more photography skills, to bring me some thrills :)

  4. I love that you are not only showing tremendous self-control in sticking with the projects, but you are also developing outstanding photography and blogging skills as well. Very multi-talented, I'd say.

  5. Becky,
    You're giving me inspiration too. The splash of yellow and D's comments on painting my old barn door--nice stuff. whenever I run across a particularly messy corner in a drawer, in the closet, on the desk, you've made me recognize one of my dirty little secrets!