Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Refrigerator Finale...the Exterior



I was disappointed to discover my most amazing Quick Job does not do a good job on hard water stains. I even tried it at full strength and it just wasn't cutting it. So I switched to good old vinegar!

I cleared everything off the fridge and chucked quite a few magnets, art projects and pictures. Then we wiped down the entire fridge from top to bottom. My little helper (she asked me to take a picture of how hard she was scrubbing) took care of the lower areas while I did the high ones. I cleaned the water/ice dispenser with vinegar and it worked like a charm!


I'm not a big fan of having a lot of stuff on the fridge but I can't seem to get around it.

I have to admit, the entire fridge could have been a one day project but breaking it into 4 seemed much more manageable since I had a busy week.
My brain is fried and my back hurts today because I sat (with poor posture apparently) up until 1am finishing up our '09 QuickBooks so I could meet with our accountant today.
D quotes Evelyn Loewendahl as saying, "When you are tired or tense, the best pick-me-up is a few minutes of exercise." And contrary to some opinion, you do not need leotards and a tumbling mat to exercise (good to know). Clasp your hands together behind your back, roll your shoulders back as far as possible, pull down tightly with your arms straight overhead, feet apart, bend loosely and let arms swing between legs. Swing back up to first position. Stretch--relax. Repeat five or ten times.
If even these very simple exercises sound too much for you, then simply run in place or stand with the most perfect posture you are able to affect and take five deep breaths several times a day. This will help you look and feel better and work better!
Thanks for the advice D...but I think the only pick-me-up I need is a night of laying on the couch in front of the TV (isn't The Office back on tonight?), maybe I'll try your exercises tomorrow.

For our next project we move on to this cupboard...I've been avoiding it for about a year and a half...looks harmless enough...I saved it for Friday on purpose so I could have the weekend to recover.


  1. Just reading your blog tired me out! So I went and shared a bag of Reese's Piece with Cardston and EmmaLee as a "Pick Me Up." I feel better now!

  2. Hi Becky. Shelley clued me in to this blog and I just wanted to tell you that I love it.... so much. You are an amazing inspiration with so much wit. I've learned a few things too. Keep it comin'. Thanks. Heather O.

  3. I love to learn that distilled vinegar will take off hard water stains. I am trying this right away! Tricia