Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A New SHELF for the Pantry!


This was a spur of the moment project.

I've often thought that it would be nice to put another shelf at the top of the pantry...but never got around to doing it, or should I say, never got around to asking the husband to do it. So as I was clearing the pantry I asked the husband if he would please run to Lowe's for some MDF and build me a shelf!

The other day he found his perfect boat and is in the process of trying to convince the wife to get on board (hahaha) with it, so he's all about making the wife happy :)



First we measured the space. All you need to build a shelf is a piece of MDF (or wood), the width will vary, depending upon how big you want your shelf. We went with 10 inch shelves. And then smaller pieces for the underneath supports. We went with about 1 inch in width. Lowe's has white primed MDF board that works great. Lowe's will cut your wood if you don't have a saw. Cut your wood and then assemble the shelf.

Screw the support pieces into place--we used a level to make sure the support was level. It is wise to use a stud finder and screw your supports into studs...we misplaced our stud finder after the "Coat Hallway" project so we had to fake it.


Oh happy day! This was wasted space before the shelf came along! I LOVE SHELVES! They bring order to an unorganized space, they can be a fun way to decorate, and sometimes they do both (not in this case). They can also be inexpensive...this shelf cost under $20!

Thanks husband! Another BHEA for you! And I'm making no promises, but I'll think about the boat.

I sure am tired. D quotes Evelyn Loewendahl (anyone know Evelyn?) "When you are tired or tense the best pick-me-up is a few minutes of exercise."

Are you kidding me Evelyn? Becky Beck says the best pick-me-up is a nap.


  1. I'm there with ya, I would have sat down and let this moment pass instead of cleaning the pantry. Then take a nap. haha By the way your pantry is amazing, I never could find anything in it.

  2. This post made me actually go look inside my pantry to see if there's space for another shelf.
    Sadly, no.
    But, GO YOU!!! Cleaning and solving problems at the same time!