Monday, January 11, 2010

The Pantry Project cont...

I had a dentist appointment this morning (FYI I was dressed and ready for the day by 9:15am)...a simple cleaning turned terrible when I was told I needed a crown. How does one possibly keep a good attitude when one has to shell out a thousand dollars for a little piece of porcelain??? By the time I got home from the dentist and running errands my time was limited so I decided to just clean the floor of the pantry...which was it's own project in and of itself, as you'll soon see.

I don't know if the pictures do it justice. The door to the pantry would barely open and just this last Saturday I got my foot stuck trying to go behind it.

A little black hole to explore...



Clearing the floor went pretty quickly...there was a lot of stuffed crammed into that little space. I'll be honest, I was pretty relieved not to see any mice droppings.

Seeing this made me gag a little's hair that had fallen from the broom hanging right above this area. Little treasures from many many haircuts. I shop vac'd then Shark vac'd, wiped everything down, then I moved on to sorting and chucking.

So here's some "in case there's a power outage" supplies. I tried out all the flashlights and only one worked (note to self, add emergency preparedness project to my list).
I condensed all of this...

to this :)

From left to right... the only things that returned to the floor were items I use often and everything can be seen and is easily accessible.

How many of you have a 5 gallon bucket for popcorn? We so love popcorn! It's a staple around this house!

The baby likes to haul the pop bottles all over the house so I strategically placed them behind the pantry door...pretty genius huh?
So the plan for tomorrow is to tackle the rest of the pantry...
I looked to D for some direction because I'll be honest, the pantry overwhelms me but I guess they didn't have pantry's in those days because she says nothing about them. But she does give some advice for closets, that's in the same family right? Basically the only advice applicable is to devote an entire day to them, remove contents, vacuum or wash the interior, and replace the contents in a systematic way...Good news! I just found more info in the cupboard sure and sort food products--throw away any item that looks the least bit suspicious of being spoiled. Great advice D! I'll keep that in mind and hope for the best.

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  1. Yes, we have a 5 gal. bucket of popcorn in our pantry too. Oh wait, it must be cuz I'm your mom and you take after me. So glad that you've followed in my foot steps. haha The floor in your pantry looks sa nice!!!! Janie can eat off of it now.