Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Refrigerator...Phase 3 (Under the Fridge)


When we installed the base board in this house my Dad asked me, "Are you sure you don't want to put base behind the fridge?" which I replied (exactly the same as when he asks me if I want to paint the tops of my shelves), "No, who's going see it." I'm really paying for that one aren't I?!
I'm sure my Dad is loving this!

Speaking of my dad, he's a very smart man and he's told me several times that one needs to clean the dust from one's refrigerator vent every 6 months. He's right, we've had 2 other refrigerators stop working because the vents needed cleaning.
(Don't tell Dad it's been 2 years since I cleaned this one.)

I saw the Reese's eggs at the store the other day so I picked up a couple for the husband (he LOVES them)...Nothing better than Easter candy in January (they had Cadbury eggs too Erica!).

Last summer I dropped a huge bowl of fruit as I was taking it out of the fridge. It was so upsetting...all that fruit...all over the fridge...and the floor. Apparently a piece of pineapple (what is it with pineapple and my fridge?) slid under the refrigerator and over time, cemented to the floor. I had to use this tool in order to remove it. I would have taken a picture but it had also changed colors and blended right into the floor.


Dad will be so proud!
I even cleaned this clock that sits right above the, it doesn't work but I love it--I should put it on my list.

By the time my 20 minute timer went off I'd finished the project, got the baby up from her nap AND changed a messy diaper (I spared you the picture of that one). I was also showered, dressed, and ready before I not only did I make my Dad proud, I'm sure I made D proud too!
D says your appearance can help you in more than just a psychological way. In a purely physical way, attention given to your appearance can be important to your vitality and effectiveness. I am talking about posture. Every part of your body functions better if you stand, walk, and sit correctly, and your energy depends to a great extent on the amount of oxygen in your blood. Slumping shoulders cramp one's lungs, a curving back is conducive to backaches, foot pains, or even indigestion.
We all want to feel vital, effective, and indigestion-free,don't we?
So let's all work on standing, walking and sitting up straight while we gear up for tomorrow's project...the Refrigerator Finale!


  1. You are an inspiration! I had to take away all those little magnetic letters from my kids when too many of them found their way under the fridge. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  2. Oh yes, hate those letters... I got rid of all ours (I thought, til I moved the fridge) a few months ago...tired of finding them all over the house and never having enough letters to spell anything anyway.