Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Refrigerator...Phase 2 (the Freezer)


Yes, occasionally an item or two will fall out on me.


I've been asked where one can get some of the handy dandy Quick Job. I am still on my first bottle (it comes in a half gallon container) after all these years so I had no idea, but thanks to Mrs. Van Horn!--she sent us the website http://www.quickjob.com/. I checked it out and you can order right on their site. It is a little pricey but keep in mind that you dilute the solution in water...the ratio varies. My current bottle contains 10 parts water/1 part Quick Job. And it lasts for years :), totally worth it! (Of course, it may not last quite so long if you are in the habit of cleaning on a regular basis.)

I did pretty much the same today as yesterday. It was an easier job than the fridge and there was no pineapple juice to clean up.

This was the worst of it...nothing too impressive.


Now every item has a home...the meat drawer actually has meat in it, and only meat...

...and the bread drawer only has bread in it.

D's advice for today is to...WORK QUICKLY. Because habit regulates much of what we do, smart homemakers cultivate the habit of working quickly. Then moving at a reasonably fast, consistent pace--your best pace--becomes the natural thing to do. It is much more difficult and tiring to dawdle! The "Twenty-minute Plan" has proven successful for many homemakers. They allow themselves twenty minutes to do some task such as clearing up in the kitchen, cleaning out a closet, dusting throughout the house, or cleaning the patio (I am NOT looking forward to that project and there is no way it can be done in 20 minutes). Besides being a fun game to play with yourself, the Twenty-minute Plan can do wonders for your housework.
I'm up for a fun game! So tomorrow, I think I will put the 20 minute plan to the test when I clean under the fridge!


  1. Lickity split, just like that...It only takes me 20 minutes to convince myself to start the project...all in baby steps! I have to say though I did clean under my fridge yesterday...it took about 2 minutes! Only because we (Danial) put the trim up and the fridge had to be pulled out, but I took full advantage of that moment. Got me another shelf put up by Danial and my cupboard shelf fixed by danial. I should say he is becoming quite the fixer and putter upper!

  2. Just wondering where you buy your honeysuckle white turkey like that. I buy Jennie-o turkey like that but it is not white meat. I will have to look out for that. Love the twenty minute challenge. Don't you remember learning that in Mary Kay. To this day I try to do things and not make them drawn out. It totally works!

  3. I bought the ground turkey at Walmart...I usually buy it at Smiths and it is white meat also!