Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The 1/2 Bath...Phase 2


Painting is a process and takes a fair amount of patience...which is something I lack, so painting is good therapy for me.

I LOVE high gloss white mouldings...I never got around to painting the casing around this door.

I did take time to tape off a few areas.


I splurged and bought me a new brush :)

I began by putting a coat of white primer on the door casing.
A word about primers--the cheaper the primer the better!
Then I started at the top and painted the moulding and ceiling, then moved to the base boards, and finished with a coat of high gloss on the door casing.
A word about ceilings--I LOVE white high gloss ceilings...every time you look up it's like heaven on earth.
Love them!
I used a small roller so I could just dip out of the paint can...I only do this when there isn't much square footage to cover, for large areas a roller is definately faster.


Painting around this was about as much fun as it looks.

I didn't worry about perfection because the color on the walls will cover all the extra white.

The ceiling looks so clean and shiny!
I don't think the picture does it justice...try to ignore that ugly too will be replaced with a can light one day.
I thought we'd move onto Facet #3--SOME ARE ALMOSTERS
D says If we were to divide all of the homemakers we know into general types, we would likely come to this conclusion: There are three types.
The "Don't Cares"
and "Ideal Homemakers"
The "Almosters" just don't quite make it, like the car brakes that almost worked, or the man who almost caught the train. Their intentions are good, and they almost make it. They spend lots of time and energy, but they don't quite reach their goals, they don't quite get the job done. Their houses are never quite clean, their ironing is never quite caught up, they are never quite ready, or quite on time. This results in frustrations, wear and tear on the nerves, damage to self-respect, and failure to meet important goals and opportunities.

After careful deliberation, I would have to say that part of the time, I am definitely almost an Almoster.
What type of Homemaker are you?
Tune in tomorrow when we paint the bathroom walls and D gives the "Almosters" some hope.

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  1. I am soooo an Almoster. I have half of everything done and although I give everything earnest effort I seem disorganized... cant wait til my copy of the book gets here... HEEELLLPPPP!!!! :P