Thursday, February 18, 2010

The 1/2 Bath...Phase 3



I raided my 8 year old's valentine candy stash for these cute little yellow hearts to put on one of Grandma Linda's famous Sugar Cookies.

I cracked up as I realized several of them were in Spanish...she's in a Spanish immersion program in school so of course her conversation hearts would be in Spanish!
I asked her what it says and she said "kiss me".


I am battling a horrible head cold and if it would have been last year, I would have gone right back to bed...but, I am committed so I sucked it up and got busy painting!
I used a primer first.
Little tip...if you are using a good quality paint (my favorite is Lowe's Valspar brand) you can get away with only one coat of primer and one coat of paint if you tint your primer a color similar to your paint. My primer was actually quite a few shades lighter, but close enough.
The primer was splattering like crazy so I had to tape the tops of my baseboards...they were getting covered in tons of tiny little paint drops.
I forgot how long little rooms with lots of cutting-in can take...
I think it took me 3 hours (thank heavens the baby took an extra long morning nap).

I had to wait 4 hours before I could paint over the primer...
The color I settled on is called "Old Gold". I bought it years ago when I bought the Bungalow Gold (or as the husband calls it, baby poo yellow) you've seen in my laundry and main living areas. It goes great with the Bungalow Gold but is quite a bit darker.
As soon as I started painting with the Old Gold I remembered that this brand of paint needs 2 coats plus a primer :( It just doesn't cover well with the first coat.
So unfortunately today I am an "Almoster" because it needs to set over night before painting the second coat.

D says there is lots of hope for the Almosters...Most of them are putting forth the time and energy. All they need is some direction to their activities and they can be good managers and ideal homemakers.

Check back tomorrow when I FINISH the painting and post the AFTER picture!

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  1. How exciting!!! It's all looking so good, you must feel very happy to be almost done.