Friday, February 19, 2010

The 1/2 Bath...Phase 4

I finished the 2nd and final coat of paint this morning!

This baby of mine has been trying to pull the tape off all week...she was so happy when I let her have at it!

I LOVE the way it turned out!
It ended up being a lot more work than I'd anticipated.
I forgot that when you use a roller to apply paint to bead board it just doesn't look quite right so I had to brush it all...but worth the extra time and effort!

This kind of gives you an idea of what the bungalow gold looks like in comparison to the old gold.
D suggests using our imagination when trying to be the Ideal Homemaker...Can you visualize yourself just as your husband is coming home for dinner? You greet him with a kiss. You look pert, attractive and well-groomed. The kitchen presents a well-set table, and the aroma of a delicious dinner is tantalizing to the appetite. The children are happy and are playing or studying contentedly. The house is orderly and is sparkling clean. You feel at peace with your self because today's work has been done today.
I have to admit, when I have a project such as this, that takes a lot of time and a few days, I tend to neglect the house, the kids, and the husband. Dinner consists of cereal or pizza. And honestly, I'm anything but pert and own personal hygiene probably suffers the most.
So I'd best go take a shower and get ready for date night. I'm surprising the husband during dinner when I tell him we're skipping the movie for some toilet and accessory shopping!
Check back tomorrow for the announcement of our contest winner!
And check back Monday when we find out if the husband will be installing his first ever toilet!


  1. WOw! What a difference some paint makes!

  2. It looks beautiful, can't wait to see it in person.