Saturday, February 20, 2010

And The Winner Is......

Are we surprised?
Actually I was a little surprised, I thought Cheri might win with over 300 tickets!
Way to go all you amazing homemakers!
I'll be posting a few of the before and after pictures later in the month.


  1. Really? WOW! I never win anything like this! So cool! And kudos for Cheri for having way more tickets than I had! ;~)

  2. Way to go Leslie!
    I am wondering if Becky really put in all of my 301 tickets! I didn't get to see the before the drawing and after the drawing pictures!
    I guess I will have to follow along with Becky so I can get my advice from D!
    My favorite is still "Even an old barn looks better with new paint."

  3. Cheri! I so promise I put in all 301 tickets...I counted them all myself, and I had witnesses! I should have documented it all with my camera...but I was too busy getting ready for Sunday :)