Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Cute Little Recipe Book

About 5 years ago I decided to organize my favorite and most used recipes into one little book.
I got a good start on the project and then I moved, remodeled, had a baby...yada, yada, yada... and never did complete it.
Every time I go to find a recipe I have to search...is it in the new book? or the old book? or photo-copied? or in a cookbook? It makes me crazy, completely crazy. So today, I took control!

Actually, the only tool I needed was the pen.
I used the other tools for this...


I copied all my favorite recipes into the one book and sorted the rest...I had a trash pile, a save pile (recipes I hardly ever use but want to keep) and a pile for my 13 year old daughter to look through, who is starting to put together her own recipe box.


This took me the better part of the day.
At about 2pm I started thinking it would probably be smarter to type and print all my recipes so I could print copies when I get asked for a recipe...but I was too far into it and I do love this little book, so for now, they are all hand written.
D says you can be mighty tired and discouraged by evening if you have done nothing but the same old thing all day long: clean up messes, moved dirt from one place to another, change and wash diapers, do the same dishes you washed yesterday.
On the other hand, if you spend the day making your house a lovely home and caring for precious little children, at nightfall you feel as though you've had a touch of heaven in your home, and you have a sense of joy and accomplishment. Each of us is richly blessed to be engaged in this greatest of all careers.

Did you know that some people still wash diapers?
My sister Tricia cloth diapers (by choice) and loves it.
I'm partial to the disposable myself.

Speaking of my sister, (have I mentioned I have 4?) she's coming from Texas for a visit...tonight! Can't wait! I haven't seen her in over a year and a half.

We have lots of fun things planned so I'll be following in my friend Cheri's footsteps for the next week or so with my projects...check out her blog!


  1. Hey! I'm doing my recipe box too! Too many hand written ones on scraps of paper or printed off the internet all mangled. I got new cards and am either writing them on the cards or taping them on (if they're in good shape... why get a hand cramp if not necessary!). So excited to get my box under control!

  2. Why is this displayed on top of your toilet?

  3. Leslie, you must have an incredible amount of energy...I have no idea how you take care of a family of 7, go to school, remodel your house, AND put together a recipe box :)...email me your address so I can send you your book!
    Nat--why wouldn't I display the recipe book on the back of my NEW toilet?

  4. What ever reading brings you joy as you sit upon your new throne! Maybe I should put mine there too in hopes that it would inspire me to be a better cook!