Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The "Coat" Closet


Our coat closet doesn't hold many coats...mostly craft supplies, a few costumes and my little girls dresses.


I don't know what my problem was today but I had the munchies big time and I just kept getting side tracked...I'd work a little in the closet, then go do some laundry, back to the closet, to the kitchen for a snack, back to the closet, vacuum the office and bedroom, back to the closet. No wonder I was so hungry...I was getting quite the work out.

(See the last 2 posts)

I ALWAYS find treasures when cleaning and organizing.
Today I found a long lost treasure for the husband hidden on the top shelf...

He saw this and said, "Man, I could've really used that all winter". Mom, I think you and Dad gave this to him, he thanks you, again.
The husband is a rebel and made sure not to wear a stitch of green today...the 5 year old was so worried her dad would get pinched she gave him that cute little sticker.

D tells us I hope you realize the neater you are the more space you save. Don't let things get in a mess just to take time out periodically to straighten them. "Drawer and closet cleaning time" should be just a few moments for special sorting and dusting.
Clearly I need to get my act together since this closet took me 3 hours with all my distractions.
Check out the space on that bottom week I've got a project that will fill it...any guesses as to what that might be?


  1. OH OH OH OH LET ME GUESS.....GAMES???? I knew it! Sorry I've been a little distracted lately and haven't commented on your organization skills that are coming along "Butifully" You are still inspiring me on a daily basis.

  2. I don't know what you have in store but my suggestion would be a see through bin for scarfs, hats, gloves. They need a storage place when they are not being used. Spring is coming so they need a home. Next to the coats would make sense! Love ya, Tricia

  3. Tricia--why didn't I think of that?! I will do that on the top shelf...keep guessing for the bottom shelf!

  4. Ok I would put 3 bins on that shelf. One for each kid that sleeps downstairs. When I find stuff that belongs to them upstairs I would throw it in their bin. They can empty it out once a week.

  5. Oh and I would put their names on their bin too!

  6. Tricia you are brilliant! That is a great idea...although the kids are pretty good to keep their stuff downstairs--I used to pick up everything I found and they had to earn each thing back by doing a job...they quickly got in the habbit of not leaving things out! Guess again :) This is Becky by the way...on Kev's computer

  7. I am going to start the earning their stuff back thing...brilliant! I am out of guesses? Can't wait to see what you are going to do on that shelf.

  8. It looks like I'm not going to get to that shelf until Friday...I hope it's worth the wait :)