Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Girls Room--The Bookshelf



I cleared and mostly sorted, there were only a couple of things to chuck. I returned a few books to the Halloween, Valentine, and Christmas bins (all easily accessible thanks to earlier projects!) I also gathered all the books that we'd set aside from under the bed and the puzzles from the plastic drawers. I sorted the colored pencils, markers, and crayons into the little 8 year old usually does this but she wasn't here so I went the second mile and did it myself.


D gives the great idea of using bags made from heavy fabric with draw string openings. (Remember my sister Natalie made these a couple of months ago)
These help conserve space by hanging from a peg board or from hooks along a wall. Empty shortening cans, ice cream cartons, and plastic bleach bottles which have been cut away for an opening also make fine toy containers. Now one last idea. A large wicker basket or cardboard drum placed on the back porch makes a good place to keep balls, bats and mitts.

Tomorrow we finish up the room by cleaning the girls blinds.
I had planned to hose them off on the driveway but due to inclement weather they'll have to take a bath in the tub.

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