Friday, March 5, 2010

The Home Office Project!

This day did NOT go as planned.
I did not get my way, I apparently have a 48 hour bug.
Our office manager had the day off so the husband was going to be in the office--but the husband woke up in worse shape than the wife.
So the wife (that would be me) spent 9 hours in at the office.
Which is why I am posting this at 10:00 at night.
I decided to call in the troops and bribe them to help since they had the day off from school.

This is just one area of my 11 year old's room--the worst area.
He's the cutest little pack-rat.
I completely gutted and organized his room a year ago but I should probably do it once a month.
Our 2 boys each have their own rooms and have decided to share my oldest boy's big room in the basement, which gives the husband and I a room for an office!
Oh how we need an office! (I'll post pictures of our current "office" areas later)

The kids took everything out of my 11 year old's room and relocated it to the living room.
They even took pictures for me!


This was what I came home too!
They cleared out everything but the bed.

D says we all work better with incentives. So give your children lots of them until they're mature enough to have their own incentives and know the value of work and accomplishment.

Such a productive day!
And all it cost me was a pedicure for the 13 yr old and Heath, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Cookie Dough shakes for the 11, 8 and 5 year old.
(Hopefully the 13 year old will soon be mature enough to have her own incentives...she costs me a fortune.)

I hope to finish up the office and move the little boy downstairs with the big boy tomorrow...yes, I know it's a Saturday but it shouldn't interfere with any family fun or break any commandments.

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