Friday, April 16, 2010

Finishing Last Year's Christmas Present

I made the inlaws a little 2009 scrapbook for Christmas last year.
It had every month except December.
I was going to do the December pages in January...clearly January turned to April.


I used was the Costco website.


...consisted of downloading pictures to the website, creating 2 pages, and pressing the "order" button.

The only thing left is to pick them up and deliver will be like Christmas in April.

D says a special to spend an evening looking through baby books, family albums, and viewing our moving pictures. The children are delighted to see what they looked like as babies, and fond memories are impressed upon their minds as pictures recall the highlights of their young lives.

Sadly, this activity would not work for our family as I only have baby books for 4 of the 6 children...and out of the 4 books only 1 is completed

(I can hear all you scrapbookers out their gasping in horror and disbelief)

...more projects to look forward to.

If the weather holds I'll be bonding with the husband in the garage next week...he's really looking forward to it.

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