Monday, April 19, 2010

The Storage of the Food Storage

After my sewing experience last week I was feeling pretty crafty so I picked up this while I was at the Fabric store Saturday...

I love these little recycle if I could just remember to use them.
The husband and I could not coordinate our schedules today for garage bonding so I finished up some organizing in the storage room.

Last year I began relocating some of these from the storage room to under the ping pong table...and never did finish.

I know, I know! It's a weird place to put food storage, but as I see it, it would just be wasted space otherwise, and it's easy to see what I have.


First of all I transfered this wheat into these...

Then I brought all of the food from the storage room and organized it under the ping pong table...I put the food I use the most in the front so it is easily accessible.
As I was working away I happened to notice this...

This baby spoon has been missing for months.
Who knows how it ended up here.
Funny how the kids play ping pong pretty regularly and never bothered to take it out.

Now I've got more space in my storage room and all the food in one place.

D recommends we STORE SOME FOOD
For convenience, and economical and security reasons, many people have a supply of food stored in their homes.
For more food storage information you can go here:,11677,1706-1,00.html

The husband was pretty disappointed the garage didn't work out today, but he perked right up when I reminded him we'll get plenty of bonding in tonight at the baseball field--1 game for the 13 year old followed by another for the 11 year old.


  1. Makes me wish that I had a ping pong table to store food storage under! Do you have a wheat grinder? I just bought one, I have been grinding up a storm! It is so awesome to cook with whole wheat! I only paid 119.00, I was pretty happy with myself for finding such a great deal and now baking in a much healthier way! Love ya Sis, Tricia

  2. No I don't have a wheat grinder but Kev's mom said I could borrow hers...I need to! I've heard what great bread it makes!

  3. I'm pretty sure that the baby spoon was yours when you were a baby. I think also it was holding down the net, that's why they didn't take it out. haha You have so much room in your storage room that you can start saving all kinds of stuff, SO EXCITING!!!!!HAHA

  4. I didn't know that was mine, couldn't remember where it came from...Kevin did inform me that the spoon was indeed a tool to hold down the net!