Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Garage--Part 2

We had a busy day today so we got an early start...little tip, don't bother showering until AFTER you've cleaned the garage.

Please forgive me, I forgot to take THE TOOLS picture...was up at 3:30 with a cute baby that sometimes forgets how to sleep through the night.
You can refer to yesterday's TOOLS as they were pretty much the same.

We cleared, we sorted, we chucked and we cleaned..
I would have thought the husband would be enjoying this quality time with the wife, but he remains pretty quiet...I think I might be invading his space just a bit.

I sorted all my paint tools and supplies.


And we have one area of the garage completed!

More on husbands...
D says Some husbands have been well trained before marriage to be neat and tidy about their personal belongings and to be thoughtful and considerate, but others enter marriage with much to learn. Many wives whose husbands are "messer-uppers" just tolerate the situation and become slaves to their husbands forever cleaning up after them. Other wives nag their husbands to distraction over the matter and only make things worse. (There are two sides to nagging, however, according to this definition: "Nagging is frequent repetition of something that should have been paid attention to and corrected the first time it was mentioned,")

I've certainly done my fair share of nagging over the years...and the husband's done his fair share of "should have paid attention and corrected the first time mentioned".
But now that he's pushing 40 he's pretty good at being a "picker-upper" after himself, so props to the husband!
The kids, on the other hand, are another story.

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  1. Wow, didn't look fun to me, but the shelves sure did look real, real nice. Next camping trip, Kev will be sa grateful to have everything at his fingertips and you will have all the painting stuff right there where you can find it. It's a beautiful thing when 2 lovers come together and make it work!!! hehe