Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Organizing and Cleaning Out the Garage--PART 1 of who knows how many parts


This morning the husband informed me that everything is just where he wants it on these shelves--the only problem is the stuff blocking the shelves.
I say he's in serious denial.

(The antifreeze is not a tool but rather a splash of yellow--even the garage needs a splash of yellow!)

The husband picked up this TOOL at 9:30am.
He said if he was a drinking man he'd be needing some hard liquor to get through this project.

We cleared the shelves and I even wiped them all down...it wins the prize for THE MOST disgusting thing I've wiped down this year.

We sorted and chucked...love to chuck people, love to chuck!

And tried to put things back on the shelves in an organized fashion...we put mostly boating, camping and fishing stuff on these shelves.

Didn't find too many treasures...this guy was probably the most exciting one.

The husband and I didn't quite see eye to eye on this project.

Just when I thought things were coming together rather well, I heard the husband tell the 5 year old,

"Too bad mom didn't take the before picture and then disappear until we were ready for the after picture."

He was totally joking, I think.


This would be a good time to explore


When the family is preparing for an outing, it is a choice husband who, instead of waiting impatiently in the car, will assist his wife in dressing the children in snowsuits and boots or in helping with some of the other last-minute chores which must be done before leaving the house.

After today the husband will know exactly where to go in the garage to get the snowsuits!

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  1. Kevin has the perfect husband persona going on....please don't ruin it for all of us! Love, Tricia