Monday, April 12, 2010

Staining the Cabinets in the 1/2 Bath

I treated myself to some new slippers this past weekend!
My last pair were closed toed and made my feet sweat so I'll definitely stick with the flip flop kind.
Aren't they awesome!

I bought the supplies to stain my kitchen and bathroom cabinets 2 months ago...and then I got a little nervous since I've never stained anything before.
A couple of weeks ago I went to visit my friend Marci--we've been BFF's since the 4th grade. She had just stained some of her cabinets.
They looked amazing.
She told me how easy it was.
I dug down deep and found the courage to get mine done!



I cleaned the cabinets with water and Murphy's soap.
Although I had planned to use brushes I ended up applying the stain with a dry towel--worked great. I applied one generous coat.


I bought a tiny trial size to make sure I liked the look of the stain--it's a light amber color.
I liked it enough to use on the cabinets in my other bathroom.
I think I may go with something darker for the ones in the kitchen.

They're still a little sticky so they'll need another couple of days to dry.

D says Tantalizing odors from freshly baked bread, cinnamon rolls, gingerbread, or beef stew as they permeate your home's atmosphere lend to its homeyness and enchantment.

There is quite a permeating odor in my home after staining those cabinets...not so sure it's homey or enchanting, rather it's making everyone a bit loopy.


  1. Hey Becks,

    Didn't you have to sand them first? They look great. I want to do my kitchen really bad, but thinking of sanding all those cupboards... uggg. But if I don't have to do that... well, then... I may just stain them tomorrow! LOL!

  2. Nope didn't sand them...that was what was making me nervous...Marci didn't sand hers either and they turned out great!

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  4. I thought you had to sand also! That is pretty amazing! I know that there is a gel stain that you can buy that does require sanding. I hate my white wash cabinets but it is such a big job to change them. I would think because there is a shine on them that I would have to sand them. Looks so great! Love ya, Tricia

  5. Wow, very impressive. They look beautiful!!!!