Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Staining

So this morning the husband walked in on me cleaning the toilet and asked if that was my project for the day. Maybe someday I'll be caught up on all my housework and then cleaning the toilet can be the main project for the day...on the other hand, that would be SO boring.

Staining the 1/2 bath went so well I moved on to one of our bigger bathrooms.


Pretty much the same as yesterday.
In the picture below you can see the difference between the finished drawer on the top and the unfinished one on the bottom.
Just cleaning the cabinets made a big difference and then adding the stain was the icing on the cake!


They look even better than what the pictures show.

I am excited to move on to the kitchen cabinets but because they need a couple of days to dry I'll have to do it right before a vacation...sounds like a good project for this summer.

Next time you're cleaning your toilets remember this advice from D!
By systematically keeping your home clean through daily and weekly work, coupled with extra deep cleaning periodically, you will be able to rejoice in your sparkling home all year round, realizing that "cleanliness is next to godliness." Rumford said, "So great is the effect of cleanliness upon man that it extends even to his moral character. Virtue never dwelt long with filth; nor do I believe there ever was a person scrupulously attentive to cleanliness, who was a consummate villain".

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  1. I love the new stain on the cupboards! They look fantastic. I might have to come over and have a look if you don't mind. We're looking at houses and in some of them the cabinets look a little rough, but this might be a good answer. You continue to inspire me!