Monday, May 10, 2010

Book of Days...

A few weeks ago when I put together my "Master Grocery List" I also made a list of other master lists I wanted to put together.
Today I'm making the
Birthday list!


The husband's family gave me this for Mother's Day yesterday (the book, not the dill pickle sunflower seeds).
The husband's mom and sister made it and I absolutely love it!

I took this list my sister made a couple of years ago, along with several other family and friends I needed to add to it and put them all in my new book!


Check out October.
Not one birthday!
The only person I know born in October was my next door neighbor growing up and she was born on Halloween so that's the only reason I remember!
My last 3 girls were due in October but all chose to make their debut 3 weeks early.

The book also has pockets in the back for cards.
The husband's mother and sister are pretty much professional card makers and they made a bunch for me!

I told them they are way too cute to give away :)

D shares a few of her birthday memories...
At birthday time we were always "king" or "queen" for the day and were privileged to select our very favorite dishes for dinner.

My kids have decided this past year that they should get to pick a birthday dinner and a birthday breakfast--they tried to get a birthday lunch out of me too but I drew the line!


  1. i'm so happy you put that list to good use! love you so much!

  2. You can add me to October :-) Love the book idea.