Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cleaning out the Filing Cabinet

D suggests we
Filing is the most systematic and successful method of taking care of papers and similar items. Besides this, filing can be lots of fun--once it gets into your blood it can be a most fascinating hobby.

In order to move forward with organizing my pictures I had to visit the filing cabinet.
Each of the kids has a file containing pictures as well as all kinds of other stuff--report cards, certificates, art projects, etc.
No TOOLS today...just my sorting skills.
I pulled out all of their files...

and then went though each one.
The only thing I did was pull out all of the important documents like birth certificates and insurance info.

I relocated all of the important stuff to these smaller file folders, giving each child their own.
And then filed all of those away in our "Love Box".


Now I can move forward with organizing the pictures.
As for more filing...it must be done, eventually.
It gave me a headache just looking at all those files I need to sort through.
And that was only 1 drawer...bet you can't wait to see what's in the other 3.
Hopefully most of the files can be chucked since we've entered the paper-less world.
My goal is to finish the garage tomorrow--rain or shine!
There's just one area left :)

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