Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Garage Finale!


I took this BEFORE we moved the water a couple of weeks ago.

I have to believe we're breaking some sort of fire code here...

I used the usual "Garage TOOLS" and as I was working away I came across this TOOL.

The Studd Finder!
I lost it in the midst of one of my January projects.

I relocated a few tools, threw some things away, but mostly there was a whole lot of this...

I loaded up for a trip to the DI

There may or may not be a toilet in the corner of my front yard.
To the neighbors, I apologize.
It will disappear next month when the city puts out the dumpsters :)


The transformation is impressive--even for a garage.

When I showed the kids, a few of them gasped right out loud!
The 13 year old said, "Great Mom, now maybe we won't trip and die".
The 5 year old said, "Wow this looks bigger, so much more roomy".

As the bonding with the husband in the garage comes to a close, D shares a few more thoughts on husbands...
Special thoughtful gestures, beyond those things which are expected on the part of the husband give the homemaker a personal uplift and help to strengthen the bonds of love and companionship. It's refreshing if a husband will occasionally offer to babysit so the mother can enroll in an adult education class or engage in some other worthwhile activity. What fun for both husband and wife if he will suggest from time to time that he make pizza or sundaes--while she relaxes after the children are in bed, or gets right up from the table and does the dishes without any bidding--simply because he loves her and wants to help.

I'm headed out of town tomorrow for a family girls trip.
(Love that Rule #1)
It was refreshing when the husband offered to babysit...
The kids are thrilled, they prefer Dad to Mom, he's a lot more fun!
I'll be back Monday with another project.


  1. Great work on the garage. Every garage deserves to look so good.

  2. Great job on the garage!

    My copy of the book arrived today and can I just say I love it! So on point :)