Monday, May 17, 2010

The Flower Holder

D suggests... A part of every child's memory should be some times spent entirely alone with either Mother or Daddy. Perhaps this could be while younger children are napping or being privileged to remain up a few minutes after bedtime for special companionship. Or maybe this time together could be during a shopping tour with Mother...
I took D's advice and took my 8 year old shopping, just the 2 of us, while we were on our girls trip last week.
She named all of the mannequins.

With 4 girls we have lots of these floating around the house...
With the help of the 5 year old we gathered up as many as we could find.


I just glued some ribbon for a "hanger" and then pinned some ribbon for the flowers to clip on to. It's nothing fancy but it should remedy my current flower frustrations.


I may need to make one more when all of the other flowers show up, but for now, problem solved!

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