Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Replacement of the Felt Pads Under the Legs of 7 Stools

Now that's a lame title!



I pulled off the old pads--took much longer than you'd think. Some of the pads were on there to stay.

Once they were all removed I wiped down the stools and applied the new pads.
That was the fun part.
So much fun that I took a few over to my neighbors and put some on the bottom of her dryer.


I set out for this to be a 15 minute project but I didn't anticipate those old pads being so stubborn.
D says to Keep your eye on the clock as you work. Set imaginary goals or deadlines, if you don't have any actual ones. This adds a challenge to your work and helps you to move consistently at your best speed. It also helps to avoid the seeming endlessness of a job.
The ongoing picture/scrapbook/filing project seems pretty endless.
I should probably get back to it tomorrow.

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