Friday, May 21, 2010

Organizing "Daughter #1's" Pictures


Love love love Reese's Pieces!
Especially in Peanut Butter Cookies.
One cannot have too much peanut butter in one's diet.

Same PROCEDURE as the boy's pictures...
she had close to as many as the big boy's.
Once again I had trouble figuring out what year a lot of the pictures were taken.
Thank you Grandma Linda for putting dates on the backs of your pictures.
And thank heavens for birthday candles.


This was a lot of work, especially for a Friday.
I think the worst of it is behind me...the youngest 3 daughters don't have near as many pictures to sort through.

D quotes John Luther's thoughts on "work".
"I've learned that I have to work in order to be happy. People need work almost as badly as they need food; without it they're devoured by restlessness and discontent. How many people who think they hate to work would, if they knew the truth, recognize it as the thing they most need in order to find contentment? How many people who dislike their jobs could, with a simple change of mental outlook made possible by this knowledge, enjoy their work thoroughly? And how many women who groan over the chores of raising a family realize later--after the children have left home--that those years were among the happiest years of all. What a pity they didn't know it in time!"

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