Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cleaning Up the "Play Room"

Our bedroom has become the "playroom" for the baby.

No TOOLS, although I did put the kids to work putting everything away.

Mmmm string cheese and wheat thins!

Dumped, sorted, threw a few things away, DI'd a few others and then sent everything else to their proper homes.

I did keep a few toys for the baby.

More on planning our work...
D says in planning a schedule, classify jobs as to their importance and urgency. Place first things first; such as first the needs and companionship of your husband and children; second, home duties; and third, outside activities. Where organization is used, however, a great deal can be accomplished and under normal circumstances there will be time for all three phases in a homemaker's life.

For now, the most important and urgent job is fixing the husband and children lunch.

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