Wednesday, June 16, 2010



In order to scrapbook I need to refer to my old journals for dates and details.
I also am putting together a little family history project which requires me to refer to them quite a bit as well.
In order to save time hunting through the journals I decided to number and label them.

Actually those Snickers are one of the tools I'll be using to make this amazing Snickers/Oreo pie recipe my cousin Jenny gave me!

This is my very first ever journal given to me by Virginia Christensen when we were in the 7th grade. I've been journaling (for the most part) ever since.

I organized them by dates and then numbered them.
I have 16 journals to date.
I start #17 tomorrow.

This project could have been a quick one but I kept stopping to read...
There was a time when I wrote down 5 things I was thankful for.
On January 21, 1997 the 3rd thing I wrote was--
I was thankful for a friend like Lisa Rooklidge
(Lisa, if you're reading this, I thought you might like to know that :)


I decided to deviate from the norm and quote from one of D's other books...
A House of Order
(Love this book, by the way!)
She says I have been keeping a journal since I was 18. I've reached the point now where I could hardly live without it. We have to live well in order to be able to report well. My journal helps me avoid the pileup in my life; it relieves stress and tension. I prefer putting the pressure on paper rather than on my mind...Above all a journal enables me to see the hand of the Lord in all things I might have missed the first time around.
D-- I agree whole heartedly!
Looking forward to the rest of today...trying a new meatloaf recipe from the mother-in-law, going to my neighbors to make cards (a project I've wanted to do for over a year now), and last minute shopping for my birthday girl who turns 14 Friday.

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  1. Ok - I am not a good journal-er (if that is even a word) but I am getting better since moving my skills to a word document. I type much faster than I write so I can keep up with my mind. One day I will print it into a cute little book to give to my children so they feel obligated to read and keep it forever. Remember to back it up regularly and then you can "find" what you are looking for.
    P.S. I do still write in a journal - something about seeing my words in my writing...