Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Trimming" Some Bushes


I have NEVER been a fan of these bushes.
One grows bigger than the other.
They are ugly.
I started trimming.
It was taking forever.
I had to stop part way through the first bush.
I had a hay fever attack.
AND my arm started breaking out from where the bush touched it.
That was weird, I've never broke out from foliage before.
The future plan was to pull these babies out once we decide what we want to put in their place.
The future plan ended up becoming the present plan.

I brought in my favorite TOOL and he brought a few of his tools and pulled those babies out with his truck!

D says A husband, too, should take pride in his home and yard and do his part to keep things in excellent condition, or else provide the means to hire someone to keep things maintained.

There's no way the husband would hire someone to take care of his yard--it's his joy.

Still no idea what we're going to put in that spot.


  1. Go Hydrangea. I love them. They get to be big bushes with big beautiful flowers on them!

  2. I planted tulips and iris' in the spot where we pulled out our bushes. I love them!