Monday, July 19, 2010

2 for 1...

I spent the morning cleaning the kitchen...
I realized a couple of drawers had gotten out of control.

The little girls unload the dishwasher...
I've tried to program them to put things away organized.
As you can see I've failed miserably.

No TOOLS for today but I did use this tool to clean the stove and counter top.

I cleared.
And chucked.


D gives us 8 points for an orderly home:
1. Let each room fulfill its function.
2. Streamline each room.
3. Keep neat closets and drawers.
4. Have the courage to throw away.
5. Label all stored items.
6. Store some food.
7. Learn the fun of filing.
8. Take care of the children's toys.
My house stinks.
I mean REALLY stinks!
The big boy made yellow eggs and ham for breakfast.
The leftovers burned onto the pan big time!
I can't get the pan clean.
I guess I should just be grateful he's capable of fixing his own yellow eggs and ham.

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