Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Receipt Drawer...

This drawer was getting so full of our business receipts, I couldn't fit any more.

These are the 2010 "receipt files".
I made them back in January...but it's much easier to just stuff them in the drawer.

I separated the receipts into their individual businesses.
Filed them into their folders.
Then put the folders in a more accessible place so that *hopefully* I'll put them in their proper homes, instead of shoving them into that drawer.


Today was a good day.
Got some much needed shopping done...
And I spent an hour in my favorite recliner, just reading and thinking.

The baby insisted upon wearing a jacket in the 100 degree heat.
Happy as a clam.

I have decided to tackle the front yard...
the husband is thrilled (that's me being sarcastic).
It needs serious help...bushes are dying and/or overgrown.
The porch is falling away from the house.
It's a big job.
Especially for the husband and I who do not have one green thumb between us.
I keep telling myself, surely it can't end up any worse than it already is.
D says A newspaper article recently reported that under certain circumstances, people have super-human strength. A mother, seeing that her son was pinned under an automobile which he had been repairing and who was in danger of being crushed to death, lifted the 3,500 pound car off the boy. After the incident she tried to lift the car again for the benefit of newspaper reporters and photographers, but she was unable to do so because this time she didn't HAVE TO. The article pointed out that a person can do anything if he really wants to. It confirmed the old adage: "Where there is a will, there is a way".
The husband will certainly need his super-human strength (along with his truck) to pull those bushes out tomorrow!


  1. That is where Dad got that saying from. When they were visiting me they told me all about D's tapes that they used to listen to when we were little. I repeat those same words to my husband when he tells me it's not possible and I prove him to be incorrect! About the bushes...we got rid of about 13 of them and I recently planted 15 new beautiful bushes/plants that we will be much more pleasing to the eye! Not to forget the 5 yards of beauty bark that lines the yard with weed fabric to keep the beds weed free! And the husband fixed the sprinkler system! Yay for yards!

  2. I ran into your mother at Sams Club today. She told me about your fun blog. I had to come check it out. I might have to snag you to come give out tips to the women in our ward. ;) Believe me, I have looked at your blog for less than five minutes and you already have inspired me. ----Ruthanne FULLER Hotton