Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Removing Dead Bushes!

This project was waiting for me when I woke up this morning...

The little boy wants his hat cleaned.
The big boy did a little research on the Internet and learned that this would be the best way.
I'll let you know how it goes.


That one smack in the middle is the worst.
One day it was alive and over-growing,
the next day dead D-E-A-D dead.

My little guy has been working the husband's tow truck since he was 4.
He's my best worker.
The big boy could learn a thing or two from him...he spent the entire day playing Halo on his XBox.
PS--You can't see it very well, but there is a little splash of yellow on his gloves!

The husband wrapped the chains around the base of the bush and winched it out with his truck.
Then he took a break to pull the trailer out from the side of the house.
It didn't go so well.
One of the tires was flat.
He tried to replace it but couldn't get the tire off.
It's times like these when having your own tow truck really comes in handy.

He took an unexpected trip to Les Schwab.
Then back for more bush removal.
We waited a few hours for it to cool down then the whole family went out to finish up the job
(except for the big boy...still playing Halo).


This was a big project.
I should have milked it for all it was worth and stretched it into 2 days.
D tells us I'm sure you'll agree that it's important for both you and the children that they have some responsibilities about the home and yard. You realize that over the years you should do less and less for your children so you can do more and more with them.
To the big boy's credit, he does do his laundry in between Halo less thing I have to do for him.

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  1. I just noticed the bush when we over last week. What a difference, it looks so nice. Can't wait to see what comes next.

    I always used to wash the boys/dads hats in the dishwasher. Do it on the top rack and they come out really good. Stuff a towel in them after they are washed and let them dry on the counter. Also you can play with them if they have any dents or wrinkles in them.