Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Catching Up...Day 3!

D quotes Parkinson who once stated: "Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion." D heard a young mother bear out this truth when she said, "I can do the work in an hour if I have to which otherwise can consume the whole morning."
I put this theory to the test.
I got started on the main bathroom at about 9:20am.
Had an appointment at 10:00am so I set a little goal to finish before then.

So last week I accidently flushed the metal rod that holds the toilet paper, right down the toilet (which explains why the toilet paper is on the floor).
It was the craziest thing.
I don't know how it happened.
So far it hasn't plugged up the system...
I'm just crossing my fingers raw sewage doesn't start coming up in the basement.
The 8 year old cleans this bathroom.
(The 5 year old also cleans bathrooms better than her big sister.)
During the school year I do a quick "once over" every morning.
During the summer, I gave up.

I remembered THE TOOLS!

I started with the bathtub...
then moved to the toilet...
then the mirror, sink and counter.
The drawers and cupboards were in order.
Vacuumed and mopped the floor.
Cleaned the baseboards.

I even cleaned this guy...

so I can more clearly see how much weight I'm gaining.
That enormous hot dog I ate at Costco today certainly won't help the cause.
With one of my babies I gained 9 pounds in one month...isn't that something to be proud of!


I finished at 9:50am.
By trying to meet my 10:00 goal I probably shaved 20 minutes off my work time.
I should set goals more often.

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