Thursday, August 26, 2010

Catching Up...Day 4

Just like yesterday
I had an appointment at 10am today.
Yesterday, I had my act together.
Today, when I arrived home at 1pm
I was greeted with this...

Didn't quite have it together today.
I should have set a goal.
Decided to deal with my bedroom today.


The other day the husband found this stuck in our carpet...

We have no idea where it came from.
He doesn't own any fish hooks this big.
I cleared, sorted, chucked, and dusted.
And watched Designed to Sell at the same time.

D says One example of consistency in homemaking lies in cleaning a house and keeping it clean. She suggests we attempt only one room at a time and plan to spend from a day to approximately a week on it, depending upon its size.

Off the subject...
Should I be concerned that my 5 year old daughter burps like a man?
It used to be funny, but now it's disturbing.
I don't think she can control it.
A few weeks ago she let out a huge burp, right in the middle of church.
And then to make matters worse, her brothers and sisters could not stop laughing.
I think I should be concerned.

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