Friday, August 27, 2010

Catching Up...Day 5!

Today my goal is to get the office cleaned and blogged by 1:30 when the kids get home from school.
We're going school supply shopping today.
Yes, the kids have been in school for a week now and I am just today getting their supplies.
It's how I roll these days.

The little girls have used this little area as their desk all summer.

The following picture is disgusting...

This happened earlier this summer.
I cleaned it.
A week later it was back.


Cleared, sorted, chucked, wiped.
Vacuumed the spiderwebs in the window...along with 2 flies that were caught in it.
And -Gag- again.


D says We as homemakers, set the standards for orderliness in our homes. It is basic with us. Children are only an excuse, not a reason, for a cluttered house.
I can buy that, during the school year...but during the summer, I say they are totally the reason for a cluttered house!

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