Friday, August 6, 2010

Cleaning the Very High Beam

Another day of boring BEFORE and AFTER's

If you look closely you may be able to see the dust...the husband can see it from the ground. It has been bothering him, which is weird because he never gets bothered by housekeeping details.

Here is a better BEFORE picture... of my beautiful strawberry rhubarb pies, right before going into the oven.


Those Toy Story figures are tools for my sister who is going to make one of her incredible birthday cakes tomorrow. (I don't think she realized she left them at my house.)

Have I mentioned I do not like heights?
Those monster Ferris Wheels are my worst nightmare.
Even this high up bothers me so I worked quickly.
I pretty much just climbed the ladder and mopped the beam.
Then I'd relocate the ladder and mop some more.
If you look closely to the left you can see the difference...those beams were pretty dusty.


Like I said, not the greatest AFTER picture.
So here's a picture of a project to make up for it...

We currently have 11 children in our home.
Need I say more?
D says GIVE YOUR CHILDREN AN INCENTIVE, or make work fun for them. So now I'd like to toss out some "carrots", so to speak, to you. Maybe some of these will help you motivate your children. There's one problem though. I'm afraid you'll have to provide a different carrot for each child! And even worse, you might have to have a different carrot every day for each child. So start collecting these carrots if you haven't done so already. You never know when you'll be able to find just the right one to get a child into action.
I think one good threat would work better in this particular situation.


  1. One day in the near future you are going to begging and pleading that I return 4 of those girls! I thought that room was clean in comparison to a few days earlier. What advice does D offer for unexpected guests racking complete havic to your home? New locks or a bigger dog???

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  3. Yes, love the fly lady! She's great!