Monday, September 27, 2010

The End of Painting Baseboards...

Last Friday was the husband's birthday and our 23rd anniversary.
The husband and I hooked up when we were just babies...on his 16th birthday.
We celebrated with the kids at the zoo...

and with no kids at the Outback!
The Carrot Cake was a dream :)
D says Evenings out with your husband enjoying dinners (with someone else doing the cooking and dishwashing), shows, concerts, theatrical productions, or get-togethers in the homes of other couples are an excellent break in your demanding life as a homemaker and bring about fine companionship with your husband.

Spent today working in the hall.

And here's a splash of yellow...

Why oh why do the children love Spong Bob so much?


Glad to finally have those baseboards finished.
Tomorrow I remedy a sticky situation.

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