Thursday, September 23, 2010

Halloween Decorating...

Baby throwing a fit because she can't have Sunchips for breakfast.


This is the first time in years that all of my Halloween stuff was organized and easily accessible--thanks to earlier projects this year!
It's rare that all the Halloween stuff comes out and before half way through the month of October.
Not this year--this year I am prepared and the little girls are so excited!
Here are a few of my favorite things...all of which were made by the very talented Mother-in-Law. In fact I think over half of my Halloween decorations were made by her.
Yes, I am a lucky girl.

Very fun Halloween pillow cases!

The kids love the Halloween books and Movies.

And the Queen mother of them all...

Is this quilt not the cutest thing EVER?!
The Great Pumpkin (aka the Grandma) fills all the pockets with Halloween treasures for the kids.
They love it!
I love it!

D says at Halloween her family made cupcakes for little playmates and cousins.
The Grandma makes pumpkin sugar cookies for our family at Halloween.
They are amazing...especially the ones she covers in candy corns :)


  1. thank you for the pictures of my baby. definitely brightens my life every time.

  2. If you ever feel like you have too many decorations and are running out of display space, I would be willing to sacrifice the room at my house to display them for you!!! That's what sisters do for each other! Sacrifice!!! :)