Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Extending "The Boat Garage"

(Remember this AFTER picture from last week?)

No TOOLS needed
My FAVORITE splash of yellow.
The husband is very happy with his "Boat Garage".
It's rained and snowed and his beloved boat has stayed dry and safe from the elements.
The only down side of the garage was it wasn't quite as deep as he would have liked because the back of the boat stuck out a little.
So the husband decided to extend the garage out both ends...the back to completely and comfortably cover the boat and the front to create some shelter for his tow truck...

No more scraping ice off the windshield in the freezing weather before heading out for a 3am police call!

D says "A father can do much to help by assuming full responsibility of several of the young children...For instance, Daddy could take complete charge of one or two children--watching that they stay close, supervising their behavior..."
The Daddy took complete charge of the 2 year old while he worked on this project.
(you didn't know the husband could multi-task did you)
She spent the entire time picking up rocks and putting them in his pocket...she loved it, and so did he.

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