Thursday, November 11, 2010

Timers For the Outside Lights


We usually turn on our outside lights around 8pm...and we may or may not remember to turn them off before noon.

The husband did this project from start to finish...I just came out to give him a cheer once he got the first one figured out.
I know at one point he called the Master Electrician (my dad) for some guidance.
In the end he installed 2 timers--and they will never forget to turn the lights off, or on!
D says The Bible tells us that neither the man nor the woman is complete without the other. We do need one another, and together we can be much finer people than when we are alone. Certainly it is true that a wife, through the proper approach, can do much to help her husband help her, and also to succeed in his own personal life.
D's right, I do need the husband and through the proper approach I have done much to help the husband help me with all these projects :).

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